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We teach you how to avoid fights and aggression. We teach you how to avoid a situation where you could put yourself in danger. We teach you how to defend you and your near and dear ones in such a situation. We take you to the ultimate way of self defense and self discipline. We teach you how to be confident and be a leader. We teach you how to respect your elders and other follow humans. We teach you how to multi task and be flexible. We teach you to be caring and humble. We teach you the art of oneness ie, the blending of body, mind and spirit.
Grand master Babu Antony is a famous actor in india working 5 major language’s including bollywood.Indian actor done over 195 movies. Has 40 years of experience in various forms of martial arts.
Official Website : www.babuantony.com
Basoma is under a big umbrella called “Martial arts”. The franchise  can choose any form of Martial arts which is recognised and established. Basoma will monitor and ensure the quality.Basoma has it’s own style of Mixed Martial Arts and shall be imparted to all branches and franchise perodically with seminars etc.by grand master and his students.
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  • Mixed martial arts and the art of oneness. (body, mind and spirit)

  • Piano & Vocal Lessons

  • Class for all age group, 4 to 99 years ( The rest , we teach free )


To experience the world of health, peace and harmony for all